Completed Works

Cave Story Guy
A Cave Story mod made by me, CookedChef, 2DBro, and Safusaka. Made over the course of one (technically two) days for the Cave Story Modding Community‘s Modfest event, this is a very short Family Guy-inspired mod. Features music and graphics from the show. It focuses more on dialogue than combat, so it is quite easy.
Cave Story Guy

Super Better World 2
A ROM hack of Super Mario World that I made over the course of a couple of years. The game is a few hours long, contains custom graphics, music, and hacks, and has a good deal of secrets to discover. Also in this package is the label art for the physical release of Super Better World 2 (designed by me), the original Super Better World, and a thorough readme that talks about the hack in detail and tells you about the secrets in the game.
Super Better World 2 (Mirror)

A Cave Story mod made by both me and 2DBro. Made in five hours for the Cave Story Modding Community‘s Modfest event, this mod features about 15 minutes of nonstop emoji action.

Milon’s Secret Cave (VERY OLD DEMO)
Previously unreleased demo of an old idea. This is some of my first modding work. Maybe the earliest, but I am too lazy to check. Features Milon and some secrets. About five minutes of gameplay. Not bad, but could have used some more polishing. Plenty of hidden dialogue and secrets to find! Will this mod ever get a full, serious release sometime down the road? Who knows.
Milon’s Secret Cave (OLD)

For lack of a better title, obviously. This mod features the protagonist, RandoLogic, escaping some alternate dimension with lots of bad guys and real-life references. Includes meh gameplay with linear level progression and a slightly modified Cave Story weapon.

Take 8 – Cave Story Tribute Site Forums Community Project:
I made a contribution to a community project developed on the CSTSF. My contribution is the very first area, The Fall (and The Trench), so you won’t miss it unless you decide to venture onto The Void first, which is very possible. I believe my part was edited slightly by DoubleThink, so thanks for fixing my arguably mediocre contribution. It came out alright, could’ve been better, could’ve been much worse.
*Link to thread*

Anthony’s Gay Adventure – The Finale:
This was a little modification I made for my brother’s birthday as a present. I have been very, very reluctant to upload this until now due to the excessive swearing and downright immature dialogue. It has extremely basic and linear level design, as well as real life references that nobody would understand unless they lived with me. If you can get past all of that, you may enjoy this mod on a day where you are bored (like, really bored) and have nothing to do. You have been warned!

Last updated 05/27/18

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