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My Life, Right Now, and Why I’m Feeling Kinda Down

Well, a lot has transpired since my last post. As an off topic and meta introduction to this blurb, I want to say that I often times feel inspired to write out my feelings on this blog, but I feel … Continue reading

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Back to Square One

Two years ago, I recorded in a blog post about my recent graduation and, in particular, my anxiousness of finding a job and being in a relationship. Since that time, I made it into a relationship, I found an internship, … Continue reading

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I Just Graduated… So What’s Next?

After about five years of work studying at two different facilities, I finally graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science on Friday. It is simultaneously a large load off of my shoulders and another burden to deal with; it … Continue reading

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Super Better World 2

So, after starting a sequel in 2015 to a Super Mario World ROM hack I made when I was just a preteen, it has finally been finished two years later. I have spent a hell of a lot more time … Continue reading

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Idea for an ORG Archive

Well, Summer is about to get into full swing, which means I finally have more time to work on hobbies and creative endeavors. Since the beginning of the year, I have been very busy with college work such that I … Continue reading

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The Past Couple of Days

There hasn’t been much to talk about on the modding/music side of production, so I’m gonna go on about a significant event that has just unfolded within the past 48 hours. To provide some context, I have been deaf in … Continue reading

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