The Past Couple of Days

There hasn’t been much to talk about on the modding/music side of production, so I’m gonna go on about a significant event that has just unfolded within the past 48 hours.

To provide some context, I have been deaf in my left ear ever since I started Middle School (so probably 2006/2007ish). It happened totally out of nowhere, with the only warning signs being a dizzy feeling and some nausea the night before. Of course, I didn’t make much of those signs, so I went to bed. When I woke up, my hearing was gone, and it was replaced by this ringing noise (think of a constant, high-pitched “EEEEE” going through your head at all times). It sucks, but I’ve still been able to live a comfortable life despite that happening. Having conversations with others can be more of an issue than it needs to be, with noisy places and 1-on-1 conversations where the person is on my left side are problems I’ve never (and never will) been able to escape. But, you know, it’s fine. I have a positive outlook on it as a whole. If anything serious could have happened to me, I’m glad it was only this.

That is, until, the night of the last day of May (two days ago from this post). During the night, right before I was about to go to bed, my good ear started acting funny with me. A new ringing sound came up, and everything started sounding more compressed (think of it like when you get water stuck in your ear after a visit to the pool or beach). Honestly, I wasn’t very concerned, even given what happened in the past. After all, the symptoms were totally different from the ones I had when I lost hearing in my left ear, so I knew it at least wasn’t the same issue. So I decided to sleep on it, hoping it would solve itself by the morning. It didn’t. After I let my mother know, she was very concerned and scheduled an appointment with my Ear-Nose-Throat doctor (one of the best in the field). The results of the checkup weren’t satisfying, in my view. I didn’t get a good answer as to why this was happening, and all that happened was that I got prescribed steroids to reduce what they think is inflammation in my ear.

So here I am now, already having taken two doses of the steroids. Still have that constant ringing sound going on, and my quality of hearing hasn’t improved at all (but to be fair, it hasn’t gotten worse either). I am worried about the future… it’s bad enough losing one ear out of nowhere, but when you’ve only got one ear left and you don’t know what the heck is gonna happen to it, that’s a scary thought. I have already been doing a lot of deep thinking about what may happen in my life if I undergo total deafness. That’s such a horrifying thought to me, due to how much my life revolves around music (as it does with most people), and my newfound love for transcribing music. I’d hate for all of that to go away at only 20 years of age.

The only thing I can do now is take what I’ve been told to take and wait. Worst case scenario, I’ve already been thinking about the last song I want to listen to ;P

EDIT: It’s been about two months since I wrote this, and fortunately everything seems back to normal. Thanks to those who showed concern! The problems concerning my ears will never end, but at least this one has been resolved.

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