Soylent – Day 2.0

Well, I just so happened to be visiting the Soylent website out of curiosity, and now they are selling “Soylent 2.0.” Since clearly my curiosity wouldn’t be satiated without trying some, I ordered a 12-pack for $30. And this time it doesn’t come in bags, but rather a traditional plastic container already made, like a common soda or water bottle. To be honest, even though the powder in the bag was very simple, the extra convenience of the bottles is much appreciated (and attracts newcomers to the drink as well). However, from the looks of the bottles compared to the bagged powder, you’re getting less out of the former. This includes nutrition too, which is a shame, but if the taste is better then it is justifiable. And the taste was, by far, the most disappointing part about the previous version.

So I opened the bottle and gave it a whiff. There was a faint aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies. Wow. My brother and I got curious, so we went to our mom to ask her what she thought. Instead of smelling it, she tasted some of it and recoiled with disgust. Here we go again, I thought. I tried some next and, against all expectations, was pleasantly surprised. It actually had the lack of taste that I was expecting with the original version of Soylent that I tried, and the aftertaste was that of the smell of cookies I previously mentioned. Certainly not nearly as tasty as homemade cookies… more like slightly expired store-bought cookies that still taste faintly of its original form but lack sweetness and maybe even have some of those healthy oats in them that most of the kids hate nowadays. Something like that. Regardless, it was hands-down the better version of the product. Even the sandy texture of version 1.4, while not entirely gone, is hardly noticeable anymore. Truly, this is the Soylent that I originally hoped for.

Another significant observation to point out: I ordered this about 3 days ago. When I ordered 1.4, it took about 180 days to arrive (for those of you not counting, that’s 6 months).

So, I believe this Soylent is deserving of the version upgrade to 2.0. Virtually everything has been improved upon at the expense of some of the nutrition. With that said, I think it is a good way to get newcomers into the Soylent scene while trying to find the perfect balance between nutrition and taste. But if for some reason you prefer grits instead of milk, the powdered version is still readily available.

Sorry Noxid, I think I can finish off this batch on my own. ; )


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