Soylent 1.4 – Day 05, Day 06, and Conclusion

The final days of Soylent went by as I expected them to. I drank it with just the water added, but I still wasn’t enjoying it. On Day 05, I finished my supply slightly early and I was still hungry surprisingly, so I had a sandwich before I went to bed. On Day 06, I decide not to fill the whole container with water, so the Soylent was more concentrated in the mixture. Needless to say it was a bad idea and it tasted worse because of it.

I was planning on going a full week, but at the end of Day 06 I realized it wasn’t worth it. I only had about a quarter of the container left, but my family went to Chick-fil-A and asked me if I wanted anything. I asked for a chicken sandwich, ate it, and realized that I wasn’t benefiting from forcing myself through the last day and a half. I dumped the rest of the Soylent I had in my fridge down the sink, which officially ended my six days with the drink. I still have roughly another week’s supply of it because of my brother’s early departure with it, so I’m stuck with even more until I can find someone to give them to. I can finally go back to normal food.


Overall, experimenting with Soylent for the time I had it was less interesting than I imagined and was not worth it. The taste was a total turn-off for me, and the texture didn’t help matters either. Of course, the main draw is the nutrition, but I haven’t felt any better since I started the drink. I wasn’t eating a particularly nutritious diet before this. Probably better than others, but Soylent certainly offered me more numbers. If I had at least felt supercharged from drinking this by the fourth or fifth day, perhaps I would have something nice to say about Soylent. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience any upsides, and I was craving real food the entire way through. I can safely say that this drink isn’t for me.


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