Soylent 1.4 – Day 03 & Day 04

After the retrograding taste that was peanut butter Soylent, I knew I had to switch the flavor the day after. Only three days in and I already had a different combination for every batch I made. Needless to say, I was expecting it to go down smoother than that.

For the third day, I chose Nutella. Everyone loves Nutella, so Soylent should taste way better with it, right? Well, the day went the same as it did with the peanut butter, but worse. It wasn’t so bad at first, but eventually I couldn’t stand it. It was to the point where I was seriously considering quitting even though I had plenty of the stuff left. I even had to cheat and eat normal people food just to get through the day. Two bags of chips, three biscuits, and some french fries: it was so refreshing to eat something tasty even though it was garbage for my system.

The day was about over, and I couldn’t finish my remaining supply. I only had a medium cup’s worth left, but I couldn’t stomach it. At this point, I decided that perhaps I was too tough on vanilla Soylent (that is, untouched Soylent. Vanilla flavored Soylent, on the other hand, sounds pretty nice), so I didn’t blend anything with the powder but water for the next day’s supply.

Surprisingly, the day went by rather nicely. The taste wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being, and I have been able to stomach everything at a reasonable pace. As I type, I only have half of a cup left of my drink, and it’s almost 9PM. I actually might need to eat something before I go to bed so I’m not hungry. It seems like the rest of the week should fare pretty well.


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