Soylent 1.4 – Day 02

Yeah, so my first day with Soylent did not go well. The taste and texture went against anything that I was comfortable with drinking, and so it was difficult for me to enjoy it. I didn’t think that I would be changing it up so quickly, but I decided for the second day that I would try to experiment a little.

So, last night I was thinking of ways to make it more appetizing for myself. Then, I recall reading the informational booklet that came with the powder about food you could add to the mixture. Two tablespoons of peanut butter. Simple enough, I thought. So I blended up the Soylent this time around, and I added the recommended amount of Peanut Butter. Now just stick it in the fridge and let it chill overnight.

In the morning, I tried it out. My first impressions were good: I felt that the peanut butter complimented the texture better and that overall it simply tasted better. That’s not to say that I enjoyed drinking it, but it went down easier. Considering that I didn’t start drinking it in the middle of the afternoon like I did the day before and because I already had a day to get used to it, I expected the rest of the day to go by easy.

By the end of the day, however, I wasn’t feeling too good and I was sick of the drink already. My parents taunted me with the choice of eating a hot dog or instead drinking my mineral sludge. I of course stuck with the Soylent, but I did sneak a few pretzels out of temptation. My stomach was uneasy and I was tired so I forced myself to take a nap. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a horrid taste in my mouth like I usually do when I eat food and immediately sleep afterwords.

A few hours before I went to bed, I had to force myself to down the rest. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s ingredient works better.


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