Soylent 1.4 – Day 01

Well, I ordered Soylent in the beginning of October of last year, and it has finally arrived. For those of you who don’t know what Soylent is click here because I am bad at explaining things so just read it. Basically, it is a powder that has a bunch of nutrients in it so you don’t have to drink anything else besides Soylent. I plan on living off of it for at least a week.

My brother and I both received a week’s supply worth of the stuff, and we made some to consume this morning. I took one whiff into the bag, and I was not-so-pleasantly surprised to smell something that resembled a loaded protein bar. To ease my curiosity, I tried some of the powder on its own. The second it hit my tongue I thought it was gross, but the taste got slightly better at it sat in my mouth. I figured the taste was going to get better when I ate it as it was intended.

Soon after that, however, I remembered what I read in the small booklet that came with the powder. It explained all of the modifications that came with the transition from 1.3 to 1.4, the most notable for me of which included the removal of the artificial vanilla flavor. I am still not sure if this was a big deal or not, but I recall reviews stating that Soylent tasted like a milkshake. These reviews were using an older version of Soylent, but maybe it still tastes fine even after its removal.

After we mixed out powder and water together, we were ready to try some. My brother had the first sip, and his reaction was not pleasant. He didn’t like it. I was in slight disbelief, so I tried some myself. The texture was that of diluted sand. Fairly unappetizing, to say the least. Even now as I type this, the feel of it in my mouth makes me want to spit it out. I suppose I can’t really complain when it’s virtually all nutrients, though. The taste, while not good, was better. It’s definitely not a milkshake, and while it does display an absence of taste, it does have a taste.

My brother described the taste somewhat well. Have you ever had that time where, when you’re supposed to swallow your multivitamin with water, the vitamin sits too long in your mouth and you accidentally taste it? It’s like that, but to a lesser extent. There isn’t too much to it, however, and it’s tolerable.

In terms of how I’ve been feeling, not much as of now. I have been farting more frequently and it has a distinct, but somewhat pleasant scent to it. The drink filled me up after only one full cup of it, so it’s hard to go hungry. It’s hard to down what with the sludge-like composition and bland flavor, but I have to keep convincing myself that I’ll be a healthy man by the end of it. As I’m typing this close to midnight, I still have to finish a nearly full cup before I go to bed soon. Oh well.


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