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I have come to a realization that I have not been doing a good job blogging. I just feel that most of the things that I have talked about do not feel very necessary, almost like useless info. I think I need to try to pack some more meaning into future posts. So, let me start by bringing up something from the past.

Remember that whole Triphasic sleep junk that I did a year ago? Even though it very much failed (as well as a biphasic schedule I attempted not much longer afterwards), it created a very magical summer vacation for me. I did not know it at the time, but I had some very memorable experiences during my time awake during the night. Learning all that I know about OrgMaker, watching my brother play The Walking Dead, and working on the re-done version of Milon’s Secret Cave. Those are just a few of the fond memories that I have from my failed experiment (which, in that aspect, I suppose that means it was a success!). Everything I know about music is from what I have accomplished with OrgMaker, and while that may not be very much, it is still something for me to be proud of. I have come a very long way since I have started working on music, so it makes me very happy knowing how much I am improving.

With that out of the way, I want to discuss Cave Story X Mega Man. I have been neglecting to talk about it for some time, so here I am now. The first demo release was very successful, and I could not be much more happy. I received plenty of positive feedback, so I am very relieved that all of my work did not go to waste. The job is far from finished, though. Considering how I want the length of the game to pan out, I am approximately one-thirds done with the main game. I will try to get four main stages, as well as two fortress stages. Along the way I will need to include a story and make plenty of bosses, both of which will be tedious to include. But I am on my way and still going strong, which is the most important to me. That is about all I want to say for now, so until next time, a small picture of an upcoming area.



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