ASM, first update and explanation

I’ve only dabbled with Assembly for Cave Story in the past, but now I’m trying to get really involved with it. To get the results I want with Cave Story X Mega Man (and to keep consistent), this is almost a necessity for me. Fortunately, I’m learning from the all-knowing Bombchu Link for this. I don’t know if this would be possible without his assistance, so I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity. Unlike with the ORGs I’ve been doing for over a year now, I am unsure if I would have gotten very far on my own with Assembly. Music is very visual, and it’s very easy to tell where you’ve messed up if you’re simply transcribing something. It was difficult for me to get where I am now with it, but it was never so frustrating where I had ever thought about stopping. Last year when I had fiddled around with ASM using Carrotlord’s guide, I was having a difficult time grasping everything that was going on. That’s how I moved on to ORG making in the first place, after realizing that I wasn’t ready for it quite yet! At this point, I have learned enough from the lessons to the point where I think that if I stop for whatever reason, I could pick up Carrotlord’s guide again and make much, much better progress.

I guess this is a good place for me to transition over to what I have gotten out of the lessons so far. Behold, the rainbow spinny save disk of spinnyness.

Not much for sure, and honestly this same effect could be accomplished without ASM, but I swear I learned stuff from this. This uses double the frames that the normal save disk uses, so it transitions better between frames. So yeah, starting off pretty smooth.


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