I think it’s done

Well, looking at the title, one may assume that means that I am finished working on the first demo for the Mega Man mod (going with Cave Story X Mega Man, which will be abbreviated to CSXMM for the rest of this post). In a way, you’d be right, but in many other ways, you’d be wrong. I am done working on CSXMM, that is, I’m abandoning it. Too much work, I’m sure you’ve read about it. The game is too time-consuming to make, and I’m just not having any fun making it anymore. With that kind of formula, would it even be worth it to continue working on from now on? Of course it wouldn’t be, not at all. This is a real shame too, because work on it was nearly finished. “Why couldn’t you just finish up the little work you had to do on it and THEN cancel it for good?” Pfff, easy question. Little touches are just as big as the big touches in a mod, thus making the little touches big touches. Big touches are crucial to a mod’s development, because without the big touches the mod would hardly exist, thus making little touches inconceivable. Now do you stupid idiots see where I’m going with this? This is one Hell of a frustrating mess to work on, and I don’t see anybody else putting this much effort into any of their mods. Why should I continue to work my behind off, most likely not getting much more reward out of it than others (if even as much), if others can continue releasing the same garbage on a day-to-day basis and get a handful of recognition? This sickens me to no end, and it’s hard for me to stand by and just take it. I’ve put all of this work, months of work, into this modification of a worthless 8-bit game that came out decades ago, and still not a little bit of gratification from anybody worth mentioning. This is why, I have decided, that pushing on and continuing with the current plans for the project would be the best course of action. Now, you may be saying, “You’re going to abandon the project you have been working on for months with no justification just to continue working on it and release it eventually?” Yeah, smart one, I wonder where you got that idea from. This has been decided on by the team for a variety of reasons, of which I’ll only list a few due to the fact that this list is very vast and it would take ages to list the amount of reasons by which I would be continuing this project on due to the list being very vast and filled with reasons. Yes, I will only be posting a few of these reasons, not all of them, jeez calm down there is nothing in the world you can get me to do to post any more reasons than the ones I will be posting in a little while. Regardless, work will resume in full motion, so there is little to be worried about. Now, these little touches (which I referred to as “big touches” not too much higher up the post for obvious reasons) may take some time to finish. Why? It’s simple, because when one develops a game, or even modifies a game in my case, these simple little touches mean more than the big touches, when you think about it. Yes, jerk, I already defined the little touches as being the big touches because the little touches make up what the big touches truly are, but bear with me. Think of a game with little to no little touches but an ocean of big touches, untouched by the little touches and flooded with big touches that it strives to feel (through touching). Yes, those sort of games normally don’t make it out of the “cult classic” phase upon release,  do they? That’s because gamers strive for the little touches, as they touch their little hearts. This is why I considered cancelling the game at first. You can tell, right? Because little touches aren’t just big touches made little, these little touches are big touches with an association to the big touches confirming the little touches existence. More reason to add big touches, right? That’s why, as a game designer, the little touches are what keep the game going, and what keep the game difficult to produce. Little touches are frustrating, irritating, agitating, and whatever else kind of adjective ending it “-ating” you can think of. All of this hard work has slowed the team down to a speed where progress and work is almost nonexistent. What kind of game can be made out of no work? None, that’s what kind of game. This is why I’m re-cancelling the game in hopes of recruiting some eager young programmers and artists to continue the game. Think about it, with all of the talented members on my team, I’ll get this game finished ten-fold times as fast! It’ll take a good deal of time and money, but it can be done. That’s why I’m starting a Kickstarter for this project. Does that sound a little silly to you? If it does, shut the fuck up. I’m starting a Kickstarter and I’m going to raise all of the money needed for this project to proceed. That’s right, I’m re-uncancelling CSXMM because crowd funding is the new, popular thing and I am sure that plenty of people would consider donating. After all, it is everybody’s two favorite heroes, right? The initial goal may sound absurd at first, but think about it, I have all of these stretch goals planned and plenty of gifts for those who decide to go out of their way to pay good cash flow, so how could I not make the initial goal so absurd? Let me list the stretch goals here so that you don’t have to exit this website: the first is a two-player mode. This has never been attempted before, this will make Cave Story modding history! With a little bit of extra cash flow, I will add Tornado Man to assist Mega Man is his robot master slaying duties. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as Tornado Man? Magma Man, that’s who. But that’s besides the point. Tornado Man will have all kinds of neat abilities, which got me to thinking… shouldn’t Tornado Man have his own mod made for him? Before you start complaining to me, think about it: he has never had his own game before, he simply made a brief cameo in Mega Man 9, he hasn’t appeared in any other game (unless you count the weapons archive in Mega Man 10, but that game sucked so much I like to forget he was ever in it). Let me get more detailed in explaining this, Tornado Man will obviously be the main character. At this point, I realized I need somebody to create a mychar for Tornado Man, but I suspect somebody will volunteer to do it for me, so no worries. Next up, I’ll give him this flying ability right off the bat, sort of like a jetpack. I don’t think that a jetpack themed mod would give me much to work with, but I know I can still pull it off. Next, he wouldn’t exactly have a “gun.” He would have his normal “Tornado Blow” attack he had in Mega Man 9. I then realized that was like a screen-clearing weapon, so that wouldn’t do at all. Unless of course you want your game to have the best weapon in the game at the very start, but I wouldn’t do that. I instead thought of something that would work much more to my advantage, something from Mega Man 6. I know Mega Man 6 isn’t the Blue Bomber’s most popular adventure, but just hear me out. If you have played Mega Man 6 from start to finish, I’m sure you’ve heard of Wind Man. I don’t think too much of him, I just know he was the one of the two Robot Masters deigned by an American (the other being Knight Man, if you’re wondering) in the Nintendo Power contest. If you battle Wind Man, you won’t see any attack that would work very well in a Cave Story-styled game. When you acquire his weapon, however, you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean. Wind Storm would be the PERFECT weapon for Tornado Man. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “jeez Tpcool, you’re giving Tornado Man a power that he didn’t even originally have, from a game he wasn’t even in, no less!” That’s kind of silly to say, don’t you think? I mean, they are both based off of the element of air, so I think it works out fine in the end. If you think I would’ve given Tornado Man an Air Man-styled weapon, then that would be kind of crazy, he would still be ridiculously overpowered. But hey, you know what? Scratch all of that, a Tornado Man mod just wouldn’t work. Let’s get back to the stretch goals for CSXMM, shall we? Gameplay is the main focus of any game, right? Right. This is why one of the stretch goals will be to add an extra stage or two. An extra stage or two? Yes, an extra stage or two. Maybe three. No, probably two. This is why I want another gameplay stretch goal, because doesn’t everybody want three extra stages instead of just a measly “one or two?” That’s right, you can’t deny it. This is why I’m adding the most important stretch goal of all: more stretch goals. That’s right, once the project has reached double its initial goal, I will add a stretch goal for more stretch goals. Now, I understand that the primary focus of the Kickstarter is to fund a project and not just heavily depend on stretch goals, but come on! Who doesn’t like stretch goals? I like stretch goals! That’s why I will add more stretch goals when the stretch goal for stretch goals has been met. Now on to the goals for those who donate more than what I want them to donate (however, X amount is never enough!). The first being a boxed copy of the game. NICALiS and NIS America did this with Cave Story 3D, and even though that was a terrible game, I still think that this is a good idea. Besides, I’m not including anything extra with the boxed copy (not even a box), but it’s just to remind those just how much I appreciate them donating more money to me so I can get this project out the door faster. Much appreciated, friends! Next up on the list for fantastic above-and-beyond donators is the first cancelled version of the game! That’s right, you can get the version of the game that I cancelled no more than five minutes ago! This is great for big fans of Mega Man and collectors alike. How could you go wrong with such a combination? You’d either have to be poor as dirt or insane. Or insane as dirt! Unfortunately, even with the great fanbase that this game as, along with the very lenient goals for funding, I’m going to have to re-re-cancel this game. It’s true, I have to let it out. This game just won’t make it out of the cracks, I assure you. As a matter of fact, I was just making up that I even made any progress on the game. The most progress I made is formulating some kind of cheap blog post that makes it look like I have something developed! This is why I’m re-re-uncancelling the game. Why? Because I’ve always wanted to make some kind of tribute to both Cave Story and Mega Man. This will be a good opportunity to show my appreciation for both franchises (if you would even call Cave Story a franchise, that is), as they are both very important franchises (if you would even call Cave Story a franchise, that is) to me. I will be occasionally asking for help and lurking around the modding section of the forums, so do not act all surprised if that’s what my activity says I’m doing, because I’m making a mod now!! In any event, thank you for all of your support, and I hope to release this now-cancelled mod sometime soon.


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