Well, I *was* close to a demo

It’s been, like, two months since I have made any progress on the Mega Man mod (which will be named Cave Story X Mega Man because I can’t think of anything else). Almost everything is finished: the levels have been completed, the music is all ready to be heard, and anything else I wanted to include has been included. One exception, though. The life system has been such a problem for both of those months. Not that I have been working on it the entire two months that I’ve been away, but rather I was just so intimidated to start working on it again after starting it.

It’s messy and confusing.

Recently, I’ve been spending a good deal of time on it again. This has made the mess and confusion multiply a significant amount. Fortunately, I’m so close to tasting victory… it is almost finished. Most of the work has just been trying to find what’s been causing all of the glitches relating to the life system. I can’t wait for it to be over, because then I can finally put the finishing touches on the weapon get screen and intro cutscene (the “Studio Pixel” one).

Even after all of that though, a demo will most likely still not be ready. I now have Bombchu Link working on two boss entities for the two stages I have completed. If all goes well with that, he’ll finish his work on that before I finish my work on the mod. The difficulty of implementing them could vary, however. Even further than that, I have Randolf working on the two weapons you get from defeating the two bosses. Again, the difficulty could vary with the implementation of the weapons. At worst, I’d have to do some balancing.

Overall, I’m very excited to see the work that Bombchu Link and Randolf have when they finish. It just reminds me of how I’m not as close I thought I was to a demo.


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