Mega Man mod

I haven’t decided to fiddle around with WordPress yet, so I still need to make it easier to access the posts that I’ve made. Sorry about that! In modding news, I’ve been working on a Mega Man mod. The idea has been thought up by metalsonic71, and he has his own demo, but I’ve been trying to make something better that hopefully everyone will agree on. This is teaching me how to use Booster’s Lab, which is a step down from Cave Editor for me. The reason I’ve not been using Cave Editor is because, oddly enough, it’s crashing on me extremely frequently. I’ve never had this happen before, so I don’t know why it’s happening now. If I could have a few things in BL tweaked, I’d say make it more like Cave Editor. …Of course, I’m sure some people like it the way it is right now, so I’ll go ahead and state the three things that’ve been bothering me the most. First, and perhaps the greatest issue for me, is the fact that it’s a big hassle to switch between the tile editor and entity editor. It’s like they’re their own separate windows, it bothers me. Something to add to that: the entity boxes and names don’t show from the get-go. Are their default settings for Booster’s Lab that you could change? That could be really helpful. Next, I don’t like the way you have to filter through the entities before you find the one you need. Sure, finding an entity in Cave Editor wasn’t extremely easy, but they were categorized by area, so they were much simpler to find. In Booster’s Lab, it’s sorted by entity number. I don’t know about you, but I remember the enemies from Cave Story by their location in the game, not by some random number attached to them. Finally, I very much dislike how it’s harder than it has to be to find the coordinates of a location. In Cave Editor, it showed you at the top of the window when you hovered over a location. That’s simple. In BL, you have to right-click the location while it’s in tile mode. This makes it difficult to set up certain TSC commands and adds to the frustration I have with the separate tile and entity modes. Well, those are the biggest problems I have with Booster’s Lab. Hopefully these things have already been complained about before and will be changed in the next update. On a positive note, at least it hasn’t crashed on me before!

Back to the Mega Man mod now. As of now, I have almost finished the first level up to the first checkpoint. I’ve been very serious about designing the levels in this one, so expect to see some thoroughly fun levels (hopefully). I haven’t looked into fixing the intro stage that metalsonic71 has set up, but believe me, that needs to be drastically redesigned. As for music, I have the title screen, game over, intro stage, and first stage finished. I’ll leave it a surprise as to which songs play during the game (except for the intro stage, it’s the intro stage from Mega Man 7). Last but certainly not least, I’ve got a good Mega Buster weapon made. It’s a little lazy, because I couldn’t figure out how to make it not shoot up or down at all. Instead, I’ve made it so that it shoots right whenever you try to shoot up or down. It’s lazy, but it’s all I have. And it’s better than nothing. That’s it for now, though. I hope to release a demo when I have the first stage finished. Look forward to it!


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2 Responses to Mega Man mod

  1. Just to let you know, I am NOT redesigning the intro stage, I just wanted people to look into the idea was all, I COULD perhaps make the thing, but then we get people telling me “it sucks”
    See what I’m saying?
    IT is not being lazy!

    • Tpcool says:

      OK, I get the idea. It sounded a little like you wanted control of the mod (especially after you said you wanted to handle the graphics), but I see what you mean.

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