I got much more music done

Last time I updated this blog with mod progress, I think I only had about maybe two or three songs done. At this moment in time, I have EIGHT done! I’m really proud with this. At first, I honestly didn’t ever think I would even get one song out of myself. One good song, at least. Now I have a handful of songs that I enjoy listening to, which is a sign that I did, at the very least, a decent job on them. Like I said before though, these are all songs from other video games, it’s not original content. In my opinion, I believe that having a mod with only good sounding music from other video games is better than an original, above-average soundtrack. Out of the eight that I have finished, only one of them is of a very short length (it’s the one where you pick up an item) and only one that I think needs to be fixed. This has certainly risen my hopes for the future, but I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I’ve still got a few songs I need to transcribe, but I also want to at least get something else besides the music under way. I’ll figure something out.


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