Triphasic sleep, Day 2

More consistent schedule than Day 1, more tired me today!

The beginning wasn’t too great; it took me half an hour to fall asleep, and when I did, I only slept for half an hour. The next two time slots, 12AM and 7:30AM, went exactly as planned. Instead of spending an extra half an hour asleep like I did last post, I decided to give myself half an hour to fall asleep and the normal one and a half hours to rest. I figure if I keep messing with the schedule to give myself more sleep I’ll never adjust. So I fell asleep at both of those designated times, and slept for as long as I needed to. As of writing, I feel sleepy. Like, I really want to sleep. I’ve learned that I lose my will to sleep after a couple of hours, so I’ll just try to wait it out…

So far, the hardest part I find is waking up. The second I open my eyes and start to do something, I feel miserable and want to just lay down for a few hours. All I’ve been doing so far is trying to pass the time by watching a lot of YouTube videos and doing a casual Mega Man-marathon.


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