Triphasic sleep, Day 1

I started the schedule first thing when I woke up yesterday: June 7th, around 10AM. My goal for the day was to rest on the first two times I designated myself, 5PM and 12AM. I knew that was going to be a tough thing to do, because I can’t just simply go to sleep in the afternoon after a full night of sleep. Here’s how it went: I tried to rest at 5PM, but I ended up falling asleep around 5:30-ish. I woke up like half an hour later, so I only got thirty minutes of sleep compared to the one and a half that I wanted. Trying to sleep at 12AM was even worse, believe it or not. I just couldn’t do it. I tried for one and a half hours, I couldn’t fall asleep. So I decided then I would just stay up until my next time slot, 7:30AM. I then remembered that my mom wanted me to “ease into it” rather than force my body to adjust to that little of sleep right away. I saw her point, she thought it was dangerous. So I decided to fall asleep at 5AM, and wake up when I should have for that time slot, 9AM. Since I’m tired now (it’s about 10AM as I’m writing this), falling asleep shouldn’t be too difficult at 5PM. Also, I’ve decided to adjust the sleep to two hours instead of one and a half, again just to not totally make my body feel bad and actually give it some sleep. I still don’t think I’d be getting any REM-sleep, so my body will make itself change just a quickly, I hope.

Overall, a little rough. Not because I am all that tired or anything (I imagine this is what I’d want to feel like in a few more days), but because it wasn’t the best way to tell my body what I’m trying to do and adjust. Goal for today: try harder to stick to the schedule for consistency.


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