The Milon Collection, finished!

So, I was always very curious about the game called “Milon’s Star Paradise.” This is a puzzle game for the DS, not a platformer like the others. For some time now, I thought this game was unreleased. Hudson Soft was going through hard times, it ended in Hudson Soft being dissolved into Konami. It didn’t help that the Milon franchise was obscure and nobody had any information on it. Just recently though, I realized that a Japanese version of this game DOES, in fact, exist. $50 later, I scored myself an unopened copy (not too many of them were for sale, and the unopened one was the best deal).
Now, if you don’t include the Game Boy Advance game (it’s just a combo pack of two Hudson Soft games, one being the NES Milon’s Secret Castle. Unaltered, if I’m not mistaken), I’m pretty sure I own all of the Milon games. Woohoo. I’m going to celebrate by playing this game, because nobody has footage of it on YouTube.

In modding news, I’ve finished the Title song. My only problem is with the instruments, I might decide to fix it later. For now though, I have two songs finished. I’ll most likely be working on the song that plays when you die when I work on another one.


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