Made a sleep schedule

I had forgot to mention in the last post that I needed to make an actual schedule for the sleep. This is how it will go:
triphasic sleep schedule (PNG)
Altogether, I’m getting six extra hours during the night to do whatever I want, while sacrificing an hour and a half during the late afternoon. That’s a pretty fine trade-off to me! My parents haven’t been totally accepting of it, and that’s reasonable. Not only will it be more difficult to get the appropriate amount of sleep every day when everybody else is monophasic, but it may be detrimental to my social life. I’m guessing that, after the initial adjustment period, planning activities with friends and family will be the hardest thing to cope with. I’m going on vacation in the middle of July; I’m curious to know what will happen with the sleep schedule then. I don’t think there should be another sleep related post until I get started on it.

In modding news, I’ve been hard at work on the title song. I don’t have any MIDIs to work with because nobody makes MIDIs for Milon games, eh…


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