Going Triphasic

So, a couple of weeks back, my friend was talking to me about how he was always tired and how he wanted to adopt some kind of new sleep schedule that would make him feel less tired all of the time. After he talked to me for some time about it that day, I was very curious and decided to do some research on these differing sleep schedules myself. To start, sleeping normally (as in, several hours at once) is defined as being monophasic. This is probably what you do. Taking it a step further, being biphasic is sleeping twice a day for two periods, with each being shorter than that of a monophasic person would. Going further down the list, you’ll find the hexaphasic sleep schedule, which, if you can guess, is sleeping a whopping six times a day for only twenty to thirty minutes. This is the sleep schedule my friend was talking about. The hexaphasic sleep schedule, also known as the Uberman’s Sleep Schedule, sounds really awesome at first. After an initial ten day adjustment period where your body adjusts the the abnormal periods of sleep, you only sleep for a grand total of two to three hours a day! Not only do you get infinitely more time awake, but you’re also getting more REM sleep. REM sleep is essentially the final phase of sleep, the phase that makes you not tired. But then I did more research. It turns out that the Uberman sleep schedule might be fairly harmful over long periods of time. I say “might be” because there haven’t been extensive studies of the sort, so you’re venturing into the unknown world of hexaphasic sleep. One thing that is certain is that you’re missing the other, less essential phases of sleep. By forcing your body to sleep for only twenty minutes at a time, you’re forcing it to go into the REM stage immediately, the stage that makes you feel not sleepy. Missing the other stages isn’t healthy for your brain. After wanting to try out a new sleep schedule for myself, I realized that the Uberman method wasn’t the right option. So, I went further back until I found one that would be a good in-between. Triphasic! That’s sleeping three times a day for about ninety minutes each. Sounds good to me, not too risky and not totally boring. Summer is coming up in about three weeks for me, that is when I have decided to start the triphasic sleep schedule and record (possible) daily progress. Occasionally, I’ll want to give my body several bonus hours of sleep. At first because of the missed REM sleep from the initial adjustment period, and later to recover some missing stages of sleep.
This is primarily an experiment. I want to see if I could benefit from this. If I can, fantastic! This means I’ll have increased REM sleep and only about four and a half hours of sleep each day, thus increasing the time I’m awake. If not, either due to the intensity of the initial ten days, lack of motivation, or increasingly erratic schedule, that’s fine too. I’m on Summer vacation after all, so there really aren’t any negatives for failing to get the schedule up and running. I’ll start keeping progress the day I begin. Until then, I’ll be making only Cave Story modding-related posts (if any). If you do decide to read through my progress, be aware that I will not be updating my Cave Story Forums signature, which I normally do to alert others of progress. So, if you are really interested, just know that I won’t be saying that I have updated my blog. Also, I might sound a little funny during the initial adjustment period. Sleep deprivation is the only way to adjust, and really, sleep deprivation’ll do that to ya.
(This is a good article to read if you’re interested as well. Do some Google searches if you’re really interested)


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2 Responses to Going Triphasic

  1. Noxid says:

    I follow the “I hate feeling rested” sleep schedule of 4h a night, a half-hour nap at work (shh! don’t tell anyone) and an hour snooze in the afternoon. Almost as much time spent sleeping as a regular sleep schedule, but probably none of the benefits, yaaaaaay

    • Tpcool says:

      Haha, you don’t go to sleep ’till late then, huh? I assume it’s either hard to fall asleep for you or you just don’t want to. That’s how it is for me, anyways.

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