Maybe some help?

After working on that last mini-mod, and thinking a lot about working on another mini-mod, I’ve been starting to think about the future of Milon’s Secret Cave. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking of changing the title to something a little more original, such as “Milon’s Cave Adventure.” I just now started noticing how much I use “ADVENTURE” in the title of my mods, so that might not be the best pick for a name. Whatever the case, I think at this point “Milon’s Secret Cave” is just a temporary name for this project, seeing as there are plenty of possibilities for names. After thinking about the importance of a decent title, I started thinking about the game itself. Over the past few months, I haven’t honestly gotten very much done. I made that crystal tileset that received lukewarm reception, and I tried my hand at transcribing some songs. Of course, I was awful at transcribing those songs, and it took me over two hours to take a shitty Mega Man Stage Select theme and transcribe it into something listenable. I ended up using Carrotlord’s MIDI to ORG and it sounded way better. Was I embarrassed? Yes, I was. Usually that program can’t convert for shit, and it just outdid me! That clearly dampened my spirits, and since then I just decided to work on the other mini-mod (that I just recently completed). I might have said this before, but I think that mini-mod was the best mod I’ve made yet. There isn’t too much competition though, just the shitty mod I made for my brother and that Take 8 entry which really shouldn’t count as a mod at all. How fun was the mod to play? I don’t know, nobody else has played it. I’m afraid to add a “yet” to the end of that last sentence, because I half expect nobody to even play it, not even the person that it was designed for. So what’s left, just Milon’s Secret Cave, right? Sure, let’s work on that game. The problem I hear with most mods is that they’re too ambitious for their own good, which is why the vast majority of them are cancelled. I’m afraid to say it, but I think Milon’s Secret Cave is becoming too ambitious. That’s not to say I’m cancelling it, that is. I just need the required resources, the ones that I cannot manage. I’ll try not to be too unfair with all of the things I am requesting, I just want enough art, music, and ASM to satisfy the needs that this mod has. I’ll try my hardest to contribute to the cause as well, I just don’t expect myself to become some kind of Picasso or Mozart within the course of this mod. As you might already know, I have received some very, very nice help from fine members of the Cave Story Tribute Site, such as MagicDoors, Dunc2043, ShinyElectricBlueTiger, and even Noxid! I have a feeling that even if all of them help out, it still won’t be enough. So I’m going to ask kindly of you all out there: do you wish to take over the art/ music/ ASM duties of this mod? It’ll sort of be like a community project, except it will not be labeled as one. It will still say “presented by Tpcool etc. etc.” at the beginning, and I’ll still claim the mod as my work. Obviously you’ll receive a spot in the credits, but just don’t expect me to give you any more than that. It still is my mod, of course. I hope that once that dream becomes a reality, I’ll take over the duty of putting the resources all together, constructing the levels, and formulating the story. Yes, the game will have story. I don’t expect it to be very story heavy, but I want it to play a big role in the game. I want the player to get emotionally attached to Milon, and some of the other major characters included within the game. I hope that the game itself turns out very big, something that will take you over the course of a few days, maybe even weeks, to complete. I want the game to be insanely huge, with multiple ending and a vast amount of secrets peppered in everywhere. The crystal area I am working on is only the beginning, I want there to be a “hub town” which is your base of operations. I want it to have a Borderlands-styled mission setup where you have some main quest missions you can accept, or you can chill out and complete some side-quests for extra secrets and goodies. I want the game’s missions to be Borderlands-styled, with a Pokémon suggested length. I know it’s big, I know it’s ambitious, but I need everybody’s help. Now, once I finish said mod, I’ll be very happy, and I’m sure so will everybody else. It’s not going to end there, though: I want to make another mod, with the approval of those working with me, of course, but this time I want it to be focused around another obscure gaming character. I was thinking Sparkster, but that wasn’t obscure enough for me. Sure, making a whole mod deigned around his Jetpack would be very unique, but it doesn’t seem like I can do much with it besides that. Next, I thought about doing it on Battletoads. Cave Story mixed with a beat-’em-up? Count me in! I then realized that they’re not obscure, they just haven’t had a game since forever. So, of course, back to the drawing board. I couldn’t seem to think of anything, until an idea hit me over the head, almost as to say “what, you weren’t thinking of this THE ENTIRE TIME?” I want to make a Tornado Man style mod. Before you start complaining to me, think about it: he has never had his own game before, he simply made a brief cameo in Mega Man 9, he hasn’t appeared in any other game (unless you count the weapons archive in Mega Man 10, but that game sucked so much I like to forget he was ever in it). Let me get more detailed in explaining this, Tornado Man will obviously be the main character. At this point, I realized I need somebody to create a mychar for Tornado Man, but I suspect somebody will volunteer to do it for me, so no worries. Next up, I’ll give him this flying ability right off the bat, sort of like a jetpack. I don’t think that a jetpack themed mod would give me much to work with, but I know I can still pull it off. Next, he wouldn’t exactly have a “gun.” He would have his normal “Tornado Blow” attack he had in Mega Man 9. I then realized that was like a screen-clearing weapon, so that wouldn’t do at all. Unless of course you want your game to have the best weapon in the game at the very start, but I wouldn’t do that. I instead thought of something that would work much more to my advantage, something from Mega Man 6. I know Mega Man 6 isn’t the Blue Bomber’s most popular adventure, but just hear me out. If you have played Mega Man 6 from start to finish, I’m sure you’ve heard of Wind Man. I don’t think too much of him, I just know he was the one of the two Robot Masters deigned by an American (the other being Knight Man, if you’re wondering) in the Nintendo Power contest. If you verse Wind Man, you won’t see any attack that would work very well in a Cave Story-styled game. When you acquire his weapon, however, you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean. Wind Storm would be the PERFECT weapon for Tornado Man. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “jeez Tpcool, you’re giving Tornado Man a power that he didn’t even originally have, from a game he wasn’t even in, no less!” That’s kind of silly to say, don’t you think? I mean, they are both based off of the element of air, so I think it works out fine in the end. If you think I would’ve given Tornado Man an Air Man-styled weapon, then that would be kind of crazy, he would still be ridiculously overpowered. After thinking about the weapon, I thought about the title of the mod. Sure, I could go the typical route and do some typical “TORNADO MAN STORY” bullshit and leave it at that, but I think it can be something much better. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have any smart ideas in mind, so if anybody has some recommendations that would be super. Now, let’s talk about the enemies, it’s going to be a pain in the ass to design and ASM hack some of these enemies. I could just rip some enemies from Tornado Man’s stage in Mega Man 9, but it wouldn’t make sense for Tornado Man to be fighting his own henchmen. So maybe he could fight enemies from Plug Man! The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. “Plug Man enemies in my Tornado Man mod, it’s perfect!” If you think there is a better idea that I’m not thinking about, than please throw it out there, I’m all ears. Next up was the thought of music. Ah, music, something I dread thinking about since I can’t make any music for shit! Of course, I’d make Tornado Man’s song from Mega Man 9 be the title screen theme, but it wouldn’t stop there. I was thinking of a sort of Mega Man 9 medley for one of the stages, however fitting that would be. Maybe there are some other “Air themed” musics lying around the internet somewhere? I don’t quite know, I’d have to really think about it. Now, here is where the real situation started to hit me. How would I do this with an editor such as Cave Editor, or Booster’s Lab? The answer, I really couldn’t. None of this overly ambitious stuff I plan on doing would be even remotely possible with a simple and easily broken editor such as CE or BL, it just isn’t even thinkable. Now let’s go backwards for a second, would this even be possible with Milon’s Secret Cave? Holy shit, it isn’t possible! Now, it’s clear I’ll have to take the initiative, the initiative to create a new sort of editor to compete with the likes of Booster’s Lab. I know you’re all probably thinking that this isn’t in the slightest worth it at all, but I think with enough brainpower, it CAN be done! I might need some help from the devs of Booster’s Lab and Cave Editor, but it will be some kind of collaborative effort on the community. A community Cave Story editor, sort of. Now, of course, it will be mostly me getting all the credit for working on it, but you’ll still receive a spot in the credits. To me, I think that’s fair enough. If you want all of the credit, even though it is mostly my work, just don’t even bother contacting me to help with the editor, it’s worthless. That’s the problem, too. I see all of these selfish and greedy members wanting all of the credit to themselves, but it’s just not going to happen. This is why we don’t have very many nice things in the Cave Story modding community, it’s just that some people like backstabbing their partners and taking all of the credit, even though the work was all done by somebody else. I’ll make sure that this doesn’t happen though, I’ll make sure everyone gets equal credit for everything they help work on with me. It won’t just be “Tpcool presents etc. etc.,” it’ll be a community project, everybody will have their major credit placed in their somewhere, somehow, it won’t just me me, Tpcool. That wouldn’t be very fair at all, I think that these two community project mods and this one Cave Story editor would work infinitely better if there was a lot of communication within the development of these projects, and if everyone were to credited equally. That way, all of us would be happy with the results, and everyone would gain a lot of experience from it. In essence, it’s a win-win situation. I think everybody working on the project will be extremely pleased with the fun they’ve had on the project, which is why I am here to begin with.

So, thank you all for your support, I’m sure this will all work out in the end. Thank you!


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  1. Noxid says:

    My eyes really would have appreciated a linebreak or two in here
    but that was quite a post

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