DoReMi Fantasy

I’ve played and beaten the Super Famicom game DoReMi Fantasy on my SNES a while back, and now I have been playing the English translation of it in my spare time. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the extremely underrated sequel to Milon’s Secret Castle. It’s easily one of the best SNES/S. Famicom games (it’s also my second favorite game of all time)., but nobody seems to know about it. Well, the importance of me doing this is that I now have a better feel for Milon’s character and how he would react in certain situations. This can help me craft his personality when I start working on MSCave again. I’ve also been sure to make multiple backups of said project in case I lose all that I have done, so don’t worry about that! During this period in which I haven’t worked on it, I have been thinking that ripping graphics from different games would maybe be a good decision. I’ve already decided that if/when I do custom music I’ll be remaking some of my favorite video game tunes. I’ll try to take it slow.


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