Well, I’ve seem to have been able to provide another excuse for my procrastination!


Milon’s Secret Castle, big surprise, right? I’m also expecting the Gameboy version, which is pretty damn sweet. Unlike the NES version, there is a way to continue from where you left off in the form of a password system, so I’ve heard. Aaaaand on the right we see Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. If you haven’t heard of this game, don’t think you’re living under a rock. It’s a new NES game! Not too new now, but it is definitely the most recent NES game, I believe. It’s a platforming game, similar to I Wanna be the Guy, with one-hit deaths that’ll really escalate your frustration.

Oh, and it seems I’ve just made some progress on that mod that I keep forgetting to make. Polishing up some previous work and finding that MyChar that I almost lost forever! It’s a start…


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