I seem to have vanished! I’m trying not to make myself totally absent from my computer though. I’m getting a new Laptop (or so I think) on my birthday in a couple of weeks. Since my most recent visit, still no progress has been made on my mod. My personal mod that I’m making is almost finished, so I’ll have more experience when working on this more difficult project. Although, most of my time has not been spent just making my personal mod! The majority was spent on Call of Duty! *shot*
I’m currently 10th Prestige, and that should have been the max level, where I stopped, right? Nope, they increased the prestige limit to 15! Fantastic! Plus, there is a very likely chance in the near future they will raise the cap to 20! Just more time for me to waste, meh… I can still guarantee my focus on Milon’s Secret Cave some time later.


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Gamer and modder.
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2 Responses to Whoops!

  1. Dunc2403 says:

    That’s enough MW3 for now, COOL. And I mean it.

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