People made me graphics!

Sadly, I have not completed much work as I had hoped so far, considering I’ve had a fair amount of time off of school. In the mean time, I asked for some help with the art, and you guys supplied!

So this is what ShinyElectricBlueTiger made for the tileset. Not edited much (which I had planned on), but cartoon-y enough. I just need a way to fix the ‘fake’ block to make it less noticeable.

It was also really awesome for LunarMagicSoulDoors to help with the facepics. Pretty amazing stuff, I do say.

So uh, thanks to SEBTi and Magic for the art, and Noxid for this, which sadly could not be included!:

Maybe I’ll post a pic later of how everything looks. It looks pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself. But for now, I’ll go back to play me some MW3.


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2 Responses to People made me graphics!

  1. Dunc2403 says:

    I’m still trying to make that fake block less noticeable for you by the way.

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