Well, some time has passed since I created this. I think I have improved it up to the point where it is indeed viewable without giving an enormous headache. So, here I present to you all- my blog! Now made public! I hope to get some work done on Milon’s Secret Cave during the Winter Break at the latest, as the Take 8 Community Project has been holding me back, but I can’t really say that considering it has helped me learn much. I still got lots o’ learning to go through still! I’ll try to update this when things happen, of course.

In unrelated news, Sonic CD was finally released to home consoles via download. Probably the only Sonic game I’ve never played that I actually wanted to as of now. I finished it rather quickly and found it quite enjoyable! That Metal Sonic showdown really beat me up though…


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Gamer and modder.
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